About Us

We are West Australian Rally Competitors and Rally organisers who are passionate about our sport. We have been competing since we were old enough to reach the pedals and involved longer than that!

Since 2006 we have been providing Rally Driving Experiences to the folks of WA (and a few interstate and international visitors as well). Originally we started with front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars for our experiences. In early 2009 we changed to 4WD Turbo Subaru Rally Cars for our Rally Experiences.

Why the change? Simple, we compete in Rallies in a Subaru ourselves, so why not let our customers experience the same thing.

Since we started, several hundred people have been behind the wheels of our Rally Cars and many have been back more than once. It’s not all about the Rally Driving either. We also build Rally Cars and run a highly succesful rally team in the WA State Rally Championship.

During our time running Rally Driving Experiences, we have seen other companies come and go. We aim to offer personal customer service and great value for money. This is what we believe keeps our customers coming back.