Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your venue?

Our Venue is in Dowerin. Dowerin is approx 1.5 hours North of Perth in picturesque WA Wheatbelt. You can get to Dowerin via Toodyay (Toodyay Rd) or Northam (Gt Eastern Hwy)

When do you run Rally Driving Experiences?

Generally we run Rally Experiences twice a month on weekends, the dates are listed on our Half Day and Full Day pages. Week days are usually reserved for Corporate Events and Group Bookings. Our calendar is set based on our own rally competition program and the weather. From early March to mid December is the best time to run Rally Experiences. During the hot summer months FESA and the shire often impose total vehicle movement bans which prevent us from running. If we have a cooler summer, we do run Rally Experiences in Jan and Feb.

Can friends and family attend?

Absolutely! We have viewing areas set up so friends and family can watch, take photos or video. After watching the participants have a ball in the cars, often friends and family want to have a hot lap themselves.

What cars do you use?

All of our Rally Cars are All Wheel Drive, Turbo Charged Subaru WRX’s and Liberty RS. These are the types of Subarus that Colin McRae, Ken Block, Possum Bourne, Carlos Sainz and Richard Burns shot to fame in. We rally in a Subaru ourselves, so we provide the same experience to our participants.

How do I book?

There are two ways to book. You can either pick a session date from the drop down menu or select a Flexi Voucher. Just fill in the required information and pay online via our secure payment service. Shortly after we have received payment, we will email the voucher directly to the purchaser. Flexi vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and can be used at any calendared Rally Experience. Flexi vouchers are great gifts and allow the recipient to pick a date to suit themselves. To confirm a booking for a Flexi Voucher, we need to be emailed two weeks in advance with the date request.

What tracks do you use?

We have several different tracks we use for our Rally Experiences. Everyone starts out on a more open track to understand the handling and power of our Turbo Rally Cars. Once participants get to grips with the rally cars, we move onto a more advanced rally tracks that run through the trees. After several laps of the forest rally track, we move on to the full rally stage. This road has tight and twisty as well as sweeping and open sections and is used for real rally competition. Our rally tracks vary in length and configuration and our rally stage is nearly 3km long. For those who choose the Full Day Course, another rally track is also used that is not part of the Half Day Course.

How many people at each Rally Experience?

We take just 5 drivers per car. That means that at any Rally Experience, only 5 people will take turns driving in each car throughout the session. Usually we run two cars at once and swap drivers in and out of both cars. Usually participants do not wait more than a few minutes before they are back behind the wheel to strap in and roar off again. The low numbers means more seat time for participants.