Used Subaru WRX/STi Buying Guide


Thinking of buying a used Subaru WRX or STi? You’ve come to the right place. $4.99 spent buying this  Used Subaru WRX/STi buying guide  could save you literally thousands!
This E-Guide covers many of the general aspects of buying a used WRX/STi and includes photos of common items to look for. Written in plain english, the E-guide is aimed at private car buyers and sales, however much of the information will be useful when buying through a used car dealer too.

$4.99 Used Car (WRX/STi) Buying E-Guide

Bonus- WRX/STi known issues guide

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Topics Covered Used Subaru WRX/STi buying guide

Searching for the right car

“…the WRX is a performance car. Bear this in mind when you are looking at a used Subaru WRX/STi. Don’t be fooled by the shiny paint work, big exhaust and the fact it’s a WRX. You want street cred, not a money pit” Also included in the E-Guide are some standard questions to ask the seller.

Looking at the car

What to take with you before you go to look at the car.

Body work inspections, Visual checks and observations including Engine, Cooling System, Suspension, Transmission, Brakes, Electrics & Interior (pictures included as per below). “A weeping hose may have a green or red stain around it…Check under the oil filler cap for any traces of a milky substance. Any traces of a milky substance in the oil, coolant or on the radiator or oil filler caps should ring alarm bells.”

Tell Tale green stain from a coolant leak

Tell Tale green stain from a coolant leak

Test Drive

What to Expect and what to watch and listen for. “The car should drive smoothly at low speeds and all  gears should engage easily. Loud whining or any sort of grumbling in the drive train needs further investigation. Crunching when shifting up or down gears or any gears that are difficult to select indicates problems.”


Items to be aware of and check carefully if fitted (Blow Off Valve, Pod Style air filter, exhaust, suspension and more).

Fuel System

Fuel pump, fuel filter and injectors.


Is the car written off, stolen, under finance or a genuine WRX/STi? Some general checks to assist with making sure the car is the genuine article and you are getting what you are paying for.

Note – This is an unofficial independent E-guide produced for the purpose of assisting with private vehicle purchases. It is not sponsored, authorised,  supported or approved by Subaru or any dealer and is not connected to or affiliated with, any dealer. Information is subject to change, correction and updating at any time without notice.