6 Laps of Rally Driving in Perth

Is 6 Laps of Rally Driving in Perth good value for money?

Does a 6 lap rally driving experience sound great? Well if the rally track is two or three kilometres long, it’s probably not too bad.

short_track_circuitThe reality for most rally driving experiences in Perth is that the tracks are not even one kilometre long and 6 laps of rally driving


actually turns out to be just five minutes behind the wheel. When you’ve spent the money and travelled out to the venue, is it really worthwhile for five minutes?

There’s a good reason that Perthrallydriving.com does not offer 6 lap rally driving deals in Perth. It’s not good value for money. That’s why a half day or a full day course behind the wheel rally driving is the way to go. 6 laps with us, is just the beginning!
It takes a little time to build the confidence and skills to rally drive. The most fun comes when you get in tune with the rally cars on the dirt. As soon as the turbo boost kicks in, the cars are rocketing and a hefty shot of adrenalin accompanies the blurred scenery. The all wheel drive helps get the power to the road and with it, the amazement that you can take corners so quickly on the dirt. How could you possibly have time to absorb all that in just a few quick laps?

Rally driving Perth Subaru WRXWith all our rally driving experiences, you drive championship spec rally cars. The real deal with full roll cages, multi point race harnesses and rally rubber gripping the gravel. The rally roads too are unique. Driving sideways along tree lined tracks, skimming past embankments and over undulating terrain is all part of the fun. We have more than one rally track and each has its own special features and driving style. You drive all of the tracks and that includes the 2.7km special stage which is used for full rally races.

Near the end of any of our rally experience courses, we swap seats with the participants. The final thrill of the session is to get a fast, sideways hot lap at championship speed around the special stage. With so much on offer for the price, why would you want just 6 laps with someone else when you can have at least half a day of rally driving with us?

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