Nissan S13 Rally Car Build

From Jan to March 2013, we built a full blown rally car from a road car. During the heat of the Perth summer, we took an Nissan 180SX (S13) and got it ready to contest the 2013 State Rally Championship.


These are the posts detailing the build.

Part 1- The Purchase180_SX_Rally_Car_QFR_6

Part 2- Strip out and shell prep

Part 3- Rear End works

Part 4- Front end works

Part 5- Roll cage fitting and misc works

Part 6- Roll cage cont’d and spare wheel mount fitting

Part 7- Interior works

Part 8- Interior works cont’d

Part 9- Engine Bay

Part 10- Brakes & Suspension

Part 11- First Rally, 2013 Quit Forest Rally